Paying It Forward To The Kids In Afghanistan

Wonderful reply for our efforts:

Thank you to the Paying it Forward Foundation for their generous donation of beautiful winter coats (ranging in all size for both girls and boys), hygiene kits, and socks to the kids of the Cat in the Hat program in Afghanistan. All these items were sorely needed.

From a soldier currently serving in Afghanistan and who volunteers at the Cat in the Hat program:
 Volunteered at the Cat in the Hat center today and got to see some amazing kids so eager to learn! A real eye opener and they teach me just as much as I am trying to teach them. One thing I can ask for is if you are willing to donate a huge thing right now in the winter months is shoes and socks. These kids vary in sizes but they are about the age and size of a 4/5 year old to 11/12 year old. Saw a kid with wet socks and sandals today because he didnt have any other shoes. We bring them to the back of the class and give them fresh socks and sometimes replace their shoes if they are bad enough. My motivation?? These children are the future generation of this country and I’m pretty sure I want a child to grow up with compassion and love for us rather then hate and disgust. Just like any other little boy they are hyper and outgoing and LOVE to play games…and punch every once and a while haha ♥♥

Pictured below is the president of Cat in the Hat foundation, Mr. Caleb Reusser (left), with one of the donation items from the Paying it Forward Foundation.